AmeriGrafix specializes in custom applied graphics for various situations.

Businesses, teams, and individuals can benefit from our expertise and manufacturing capabilities. We have state of the art equipment, cutting edge technology, and trained personnel making AmeriGrafix the most complete and broad based company like it nationwide. Below are the most common methods for creating custom graphics on different materials.

Custom Embroidery: Embroidery is a unique process that generates extremely vibrant stitching on items such as shirts, sweaters, caps, jackets, uniforms and so much more. When the program for a particular embroidery design is written, or digitized, the digitizer plans every area of the design and determines the length of each stitch, in what direction it will go, and in what sequence the various colors will be applied. Each machine Head have twelve needles with twelve different thread colors.

Sublimation: The process of Sublimation is where a special ink passes through an inkjet printer or a color ribbon printer onto a special transfer paper. Then the printed image is heat-transferred onto the substrate surface. The ink actually becomes a gas and permeates into the item. The final result that’s achieved is the item used in this process does not fade over time because the ink is literally embedded into product. Materials that we can use this process on are Metal, Plastic, Glass, and Apparel that have a polymer coating. We can apply sublimation to mugs, cups, caps, and clothing. Pertaining to clothing it needs to be 100% polyester on light colored garments.

CNC Engraving: Computer Numeric Control Engraving is a process that allows you to engrave or cut out graphics within .0003 of an inch. Our AmeriGrafix team can reproduce your designs digitally and configure the computer to reproduce them on various substrates. This can be accomplished through either engraving or routering metal, wood, plastic and stone surfaces.

Vinyl and C.A.D. Plotter: Vinyl lettering is text, cut from adhesive film, presented pre-spaced and ready for easy application. By simply removing a waxed backing, the graphics and text are held in position by an application tape, to be removed when the text or graphic has been fixed to a suitable surface. Using the latest software, complicated logos, text, and other intricate graphics can be digitized and cut buy our large format printer. Vinyl can be applied to Acrylic, Banners, Coroplast Board (Corrugated Plastic), Foam Board, Glass, Light Boxes, Magnetic Signs, Painted Surfaces, Vehicles, etc. In fact, it is possible to find a film suitable for almost any situation.

Silk Screening: Another service that AmeriGrafix offers is silk screening or screen printing. Silk screening is a process in which an image is transferred to a surface by squeezing ink through a stenciled screen stretched over a frame. Screens are treated with a light-sensitive emulsion, then film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to light. The light hardens the emulsion not covered by the film, leaving a soft area on the screen that the ink can be forced through. Items that can be screen printed are virtually endless however popular items include apparel, signs, back packs, textiles, caps, and so on.

Custom Fabrication: AmeriGrafix manufactures and produces virtually all of its products in one location. We supply custom sign frames, metal working, and wood working. AmeriGrafix also has strong alliances with many other manufacturing facilities, which will ensure that our customers are satisfied even in the event a job is slightly out of our scope. An example would be Gemini Architectural ADA Plaques.

Complete in-house graphic art design: AmeriGrafix has on-site graphic artists that can help you create and design your own artwork. We will work with you to customize your graphics and consult with you to meet your needs. You can send us your own artwork in the form of a letterhead, other printed material, or in the following digital PC formats:
PC Formats Supported:Vector Graphic Preferred

PC Formats Supported:Rastor Acceptable

  • PSD Adobe Photo Shop
  • eps (vector)
  • com (vector)
  • tiff (Raster)
  • bmp (Raster)
  • jpg (Raster)
  • gif (Raster)
  • CDR (vector)
  • AI (vector)
  • PDF (vector or raster)
  • ps or prn (vector or Raster)

Programs or Formats NOT Recommended:

  • PageMaker
  • MS Office
  • MS Word
  • MS Works
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Harvard Graphics
  • Print Shop
  • Macintosh formats are not supported, unless they can be saved as the files mentioned above, and the disk is PC formatted.

Note: ONLY PowerMac PC’s, G-3, G-4 (or later) Macintosh computers can format a disk for PC reading, but this process doesn’t always succeed.