AmeriGrafix is especially well-suited for incredible and exceptional image quality printing.

At AmeriGrafix a great application that we do is known as Screen Printing or Silk Screening. This process, which is where an image is transferred to a surface by squeezing ink through a stenciled screen, can create simple or complex works of art. The end result are vibrant colors and stunning designs. Screen Printing can be done on apparel, signs, back packs, textiles, caps and much more. Another process at AmeriGrafix is the art of Vinyl Transfers. Using the latest software, complicated logos, text, and other intricate graphics can be digitized and cut by our large format printer. This is no longer just simple lettering applied to a shirt, but can be very detailed and beautifully done on fabrics, corrugated plastic board, foam board, magnetic signs and much, much more.